The Rolling Girls!!

I did a few cuts on 'The Rolling Girls'
Thanks to the people at Studio Wit, who were very kind and accommodating!

Niko and the Sword of Light!

Check out the Pilot that was animated at Titmouse!
Everyone did such a great job!!

You can watch it on Amazon
Watch/Rate/Give it some feedback so we can do more!

A small preview clip!

Doodlin in LA

I'm actually in LA at the moment!
I'm takin some classes at CDA, tryin to improve~
So here's some sketches and doodles.
Anyone wanna go drawing!

House of Marley: The Get Together

House of Marley: The Get Together
I did some FX animation for this!

Psy-Op Production Credits:
Lydia Holness - Executive Producer
Ryan Mack - Producer
Nick Read - Producer
Gerald Ding - Psy-Op Creative Director
Nile Saulter - Director of Photography
Eddie Grams - Second DP
Cass Vanini - Editor
Hye Sung Park - Art Director
Jamal Otolorin - Lead Animator
Jeffrey Lai - Animator
Hyun Song - Animator
Maxim Kornev - Compositor
Ron Sudul - Colorist, Nice Shoes